Vision Electrical understand that any and every install we do in your Gold Coast home will be constantly viewed by you, your family and your friends. We take advantage of this and ensure that everything we do in your home is a refection of our top quality electricians and business as a whole. We want you to be proud of your home, so we will work with you to provide the most aesthetically pleasing high quality solution that meets your budget and time requirements.

Inspection Reports

This is very important to do before buying a property. It will ensure you don't get confronted with any unexpected electrical costs after purchasing your new property. A electrical test & inspection is also a great thing to do if you are unsure of the electrical system in your home, after receiving your comprehensive report you will know exactly where your property stands in regards to electrical safety and you will be able to sleep easy at night.

Insurance Reports

With the amount of electrical storms on the Gold Coast we have been to hundreds of homes that were effected by a lightening strike in the area. We can come to your home and do tests to prove what has caused your appliances and electrical system to fail, after testing we can provide a report that you can give to your home insurance company and then you may be covered.

Fault Findings

If any of your electrical system is not working as it should give us a call and we can sort it our for you. Weather it be a safety switch turning off all the time, an old fuse blowing or a power point not working we can help.

New Homes

Vision Electrical will be there with you from design to completion of your new home. We specialise in helping you design your electrical and lighting to suit your exact needs and impress your friends when they see the results. Give us a call and we will gladly help you through out this process.


Weather it be a bathroom or another storey added to your house we are the best electricians to use as we will keep in constant communication with you throughout the whole process to ensure you are getting the best result possible.

LED Lighting

If you don't have LED lighting in your home you need to contact us now! We have relationships with the best manufacturers in the lighting industry, this means you will be getting the best quality LED lighting with the best warranties all at the best prices. Vision Electrical have specialised in LED lighting for many years now. LED lighting is much much more efficient than any other powered light source and it also lasts much longer with minimum heat output to keep your home as safe as possible. LED lights will save you a lot of money on your power bill intern means they pay them selfs off very quickly. Contact us to request a free quote or find out any more info.

Lighting Control

Would you like to automate the lighting in your home? It is easier than you think. We can provide multiple solutions to control your lighting from sensors to turn your lights on automatically to smart phone applications that control your lights from anywhere in the world.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an efficient way to keep your home cool. We offer a large range of ceiling fans at the best prices to suit any area in your home. On an hot day your ceiling fan can bring a nice breeze to your room making it feel up to 8 degrees cooler. If you install a ceiling fan in your patio area it will help keep flying insects off your delicious meals.

Smoke Alarms

New Smoke Alarm laws effective from 1 January 2017 apply to new domestic dwellings, including properties that are undergoing substantial renovations, rental, and existing properties. New laws state smoke alarms must be:

  • Photoelectric type only.
  • Hard wired to the electricity supply.
  • Interconnected to every other smoke alarm in the house.
  • Installed in each bedroom.
  • Installed in hallways serving each bedroom, and
  • Installed in the exit path of every storey not containing bedrooms.

At Vision Electrical we always put safety first and believe you should to. Contact us for more info or to book us in to bring your home up to standard so you can sleep easy knowing you are protected."

Safety Switches

Safety switches are specifically made to save lives. It is essential you have safety switches installed on your circuits, you should also know where your safety switch is and how to test it. If you don't have them or don't know how to use an RCD please contact us so we can help your house become as safe as possible.

The facts: Every year in Australian houses, 15 people are killed due to electrical accidents that could have been prevented if a safety switch was installed the electrical circuit. On top of that up to 300 people are hospitalised with serious electrical injuries and burns. Safety switches - are also known as residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs) or residual current devices (RCDs) - have been in common use in Australia for over 20 years. Safety switches are different to overload circuit breakers and surge protectors. A safety switch will detect a current leaking to earth and will trip the circuit within as little as 30 milliseconds, and no more than 300 milliseconds. This stops the flow of electricity through the body of the person in contact with the circuit, in less than the length of a critical heartbeat.

Switchboard Upgrades

We see way to many old switchboards on the Gold Coast still with old style fuse, asbestos panels, incorrect labelling, poor earth stakes, the list goes on. This can mean big trouble to you and your home, put simply if your switchboard is old it could be very unsafe causing fire or electric shock. At Vision Electrical we love replacing switchboards because it gives us peace of mind that you, your family and home will be safe and protected.

Feel free to send us a photo of your switchboard and we can give you a free quote to bring it up to the current Australian Standard, this could be a small job such as replacing some old fuses with new RCBO’s (safety switches with inbuilt overload circuit breakers) or it could be a bit larger of a job such as removing and safe disposal of your old asbestos meter box and suppling and install a brand new meter box with all new circuit protection, either way we will take care of the lot for you.

New Power Points

A lot of homes simply do not have enough power points, it todays electronic age we need more power outlets. We can use our electrical skills to install a new power point anywhere to make your life more convenient.

Replacing old power points is the easiest cheapest way to make your home look new and bring more value to it.

USB Outlets

As more and more of our devices become portable, USB charging becomes more important. There is nothing worse than going to plug in a 240V appliance only to find a USB charger taking up the last 240V outlet. The answer to this problem is a double power point with inbuilt double USB charger. We can also make custom USB charging outlets that can have up to 12 USB outlets per point.

Appliance Installation

If your thinking of replacing your wall oven or electric cook top make sure to contact us first, we can give you great information on the latest technology and they best brands to look for. Replacing your appliances is another great way to bring more value to your home or make your life easier while in the kitchen.

Media Rooms

This is the latest way for a family to spend a Friday or Saturday night, eating your favourite take away food whilst watching the latest movie or TV show, unwinding from the week in your very own dedicated movie room.

We are nerds when it comes to this stuff, sight and sound is something that we constantly study so we can supply you the latest home theatre products that will really impress you and your family.

Wall Hung TV's

This is the best way to make your living room look better whilst making more space. If you are thinking of hanging your TV on the wall make sure to contact us first.

Audio Systems

As we stated in the media rooms service we are nerds when it comes to this stuff. We can supply the best quality sound to your home, weather it be a single system in a sitting room or a whole home in ceiling speaker system controlled from your smart phone we will have you bumping in no time.

Real Estate Maintainance

We already work with many real estate property managers across the Gold Coast but always welcome more to “make the switch”. We can provide the best asset management solutions, property reporting and customer access portals to track all your jobs with our company. Did we mention we do all this at the best price to keep all parties happy.

Intercom Systems

Would you like to see who's at your front door or gate before greeting them? We supply the best priced video intercoms on the Gold Coast. Our systems can allow you to greet someone at your front gate from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, this allows you to talk to the delivery man and grant him access without you even being there.

TV Points

Are you looking at adding that extra TV in your bedroom or outside in your patio? We can install new free to air TV points and even install the TV if you like.

If your TV signal keeps dropping out we can fix this for you at a great price.

Digital Antenna Installation

With digital being the only free to air option now it helps your signal if you have TV components designed to work with digital TV. We can replace your old antenna with a new digital one for cheaper than you may think. Contact us now if you are experiencing TV signal problems.

Surge Protection

We can install surge protection that will give you the best chances of protecting your precious appliances in a lightening storm. We get hundreds of calls every summer with people that have had lightening strikes close to their home and have caused most of their appliances to stop working. Installing a surge protector is a lot cheaper than paying for new TV’s, computers, air conditioners and more.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is the number 1 deterrent for thieves on the Gold Coast. We can supply and install security lighting almost anywhere that will light up anyone within range of your home.

Hot Water Systems

Vision Electrical specialise in making your hot water hot again. We understand that having a faulty hot water system is a big inconvenience. Contact us if you would like a free quote to fix your storage hot water system.

Already know what you need?

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